Kotkaniemi – the home museum of President P. E. Svinhufvud

Welcome to Kotkaniemi, the home of P.E. Svinhufvud, who was a central figure in the struggle for Finnish independence. Located amidst nature by Lake Kivijärvi, the estate comprises the main building that includes the home museum, a café, and conference premises, in addition to a garden with related outbuildings that have been restored to their 1930s look. Kotkaniemi is located in Luumäki, roughly 20 kilometres from Lappeenranta.

The museum and café are open regularly throughout the summer season, starting in May. Both are closed during the winter season (September-April).

However, we are open for special occasions and subject to orders throughout the year. Contact us to learn more!

Tickets to museum: 8 € / 10 €

More info: info(at)kotkaniemi.fi or call: +358 40 522 7553.


DRIVING INSTRUCTIONS The new main road 6 was completed in autumn 2017. Turn off the main road at the Palanutkangas junction, regardless of the direction you are coming from. When arriving from the Lappeenranta direction, turn right after the ramp and when arriving from the Kouvola/Taavetti direction, turn left. Continue for around three kilometres until you reach the Kotkaniemi junction. Kotkaniemi is located along Itsenäisyydentie Road on its northern side. Please note that in many map applications, Itsenäisyydentie Road is still known by its old name, Lappeenrannantie Road. Click on the following link to view and print a map of and driving instructions to Kotkaniemi and other Svinhufvud destinations (in Finnish).

Kotkaniemi is the home museum of President P.E. Svinhufvud and his wife Ellen Svinhufvud. Pehr Evind Svinhufvud was appointed the Circuit Judge of the Lappee Circuit in 1908. Around the same time, he purchased Kotkaniemi by Lake Kivijärvi from the heirs of the Alfred Thomé estate. The main building was completed in 1898. Kotkaniemi was originally built as the home and office of Mr. Thomé, the local judge. For P.E. Svinhufvud, Kotkaniemi was the home base during his governmental duties and the home where he returned afterwards. Four generations of Svinhufvuds have lived at and maintained the Kotkaniemi estate. The last Svinhufvuds to live at Kotkaniemi were Pehr Evind’s grandson Jorma, his wife Sirkka, and their children.

Kotkaniemi transferred to the ownership of the Finnish Heritage Agency at the turn of the millennium and was opened as a museum maintained by it in summer 2000. Since then, the Finnish Heritage Agency has discontinued museum operations at Kotkaniemi. The Senate Properties of the Finnish State implemented large-scale renovations at Kotkaniemi in 2016-2017. Kotkaniemi was closed to the public during the renovations. In late 2017, the Finnish State handed Kotkaniemi over to the Finnish Heritage Agency that currently rents the premises. In the future, the Kotkaniemi Foundation will be responsible for keeping the museum open and for maintaining the exhibitions.